February 19, 2014

Scott Disick's Job And Daily Routine

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Scott Disick is a Reality TV star thanks to the famous family of the Kardashians. He has a multi-million dollar life of lots of luxury. This is from his clothes to the cars he drives. Scott has three cars which he can drive which cost $1,200,000. He also has expensive watches and spectacular designer clothes.

Many people do wonder what Scott Disick's job is. According to his interview with Haute Living Magazine here is his luxurious daily routine.

10.30 AM: He moisturizes with Crème de la Mer. (This costs $150 an ounce)

11.00 AM: It's time to prepare an outfit. If it's a suit it has to have the best fabric in the market. This is mainly from Savile Row or Tom Ford. A Tom Ford suit retails for around $500.

11.45 AM: He then chooses the best shoes to go with the outfit. His designer loafers from Neiman Marcus cost around $2,350.

12.00 PM: Now it comes to the wrist watch. For a professional day it is most likely a Patek Philippe. These are priced from $25k - $11 million.

12.30 PM: Deciding which car to use is another big decision. If the day is sunny, a Rolls Royce Drophead is his choice (The Rolls Royce Coupe convertible costs almost $500k), if he wants to be sporty he will choose his 458 Ferrari (458 Ferrari costs around $300k) and for the days he is just laid back he will take his Bentley Mulsanne which costs around $400k.

1 - 6 PM: He does most of his work on phone. He says e works on various industries like he has done a lot of private label manufacturing in the nutrition business and raising money for start up companies. He claims mainly to invest money into the nightlife businesses of his friends.

7 PM: He has dinner with the family. He frequents an L.A hot spot called BOA. It costs at least $40 for an entrèe.

10 PM: He unwinds while watching old reruns of "Seinfield"

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